aluminum WINDOWS Montreal

Aluminum is a long-time standard material used to make aluminum windows. It is durable, can stand up to most types of punishment, offers good insulation and is completely maintenance-free inside and outside. There is, however, a limited choice of colours. Below you will see a variety of aluminum windows and how they function.

Design Options

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Aluminum Casement Window case
Aluminum Casement Windows swing outward by using a crank roto-gear at the bottom of the frame. They provide good ventilation and are fairly easy to clean.

Aluminum Awning Window
An Aluminum Awning Window hinges at the top and tilts outward at the bottom using handles similar to Casement Windows. What differentiates Awning Windows from other windows, is that they allow for ventilation, even in inclement weather. awn

Aluminum Double Hung Window
The Double-Hung Window is your classic window offering you excellent control of ventilation. Window sashes glide vertically so you can choose to raise the lower sash or lower the upper sash. A single-hung window is similar but only the lower sash opens ddh

Aluminum Double Hung Window Showing Tilt Feature
A fabulous feature of Double Hung Windows is that they tilt inward for easy cleaning of the outside panes. ddht

Aluminum Horizontal Slider Window
This Aluminum Window slides horizontally, allowing for ventilation that extends to the full height of the windows. The window sashes supported by nylon rollers glide to the right or left in grooves or tracks. They can easily be removed, so you can clean the outside glass from inside your home Horizontal Slider Window slide

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